Best Dog Snacks: Top Healthy Treats For Labradors

Oct 4, 2023 | Food Advice

We’ve done the research and found the best dog snacks for your beloved Labradors. We’ll share our top picks for healthy treats that will keep your furry friends happy and nourished. We’ll also provide guidance on what to look for in dog treats, different types of treats you can give your Labrador, and cautionary notes on certain treats that may affect their health. Let’s dive in and find the perfect snacks for your Labs!

Choosing The Best Dog Treats For Labradors

We always prioritize choosing the best dog treats for our labradors, considering their health and number of treats given. Our labs deserve treats that taste good and provide them with essential nutrients. When it comes to fatty acids, we opt for treats that contain ingredients like peanut butter, which is not only a tasty treat for them but also a source of healthy fats. For weight loss purposes, we choose treats made with green beans or sweet potatoes, as they’re low in calories but still satisfying. It’s important to avoid treats with artificial sweeteners, as they can be harmful to our labs’ health. We also make sure to select crunchy treats that help promote dental health, and ones with natural ingredients that provide essential vitamins, like vitamin C. By making informed choices, we can ensure that our labs enjoy their treats while maintaining their well-being.

What To Look For In Healthy Dog Treats For Your Labrador

When selecting healthy dog treats for our labrador, it’s crucial to prioritize ingredients that promote overall well-being, such as antioxidants and probiotics. Including ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids can help maintain their coat’s health and shine, while glucosamine and chondroitin can support their joint health. Additionally, dental treats help remove plaque buildup and prevent further dental issues. When it comes to training treats, it’s important to choose small pieces that are easy to chew and digest. For overweight dogs, giving treats in small amounts is advisable to avoid weight gain. Soft treats are also a good option for labs with dental problems. Considering these factors, we can ensure that our labradors receive the best, healthy, and tasty treats promoting good behavior and overall well-being.

The Different Types Of Dog Treats I Can Give My Labrador

Yellow labrador retriever eating dog shaped treat

Crunchy Snacks

When it comes to dog snacks, crunchy treats are a popular choice. Not only do they provide a satisfying crunch, but they also offer a range of health benefits for our furry friends. Healthy treats are essential for maintaining a happy and healthy labrador. When choosing the best crunchy snacks, it’s important to consider the treat type and the specific needs of our labs. Look for snacks that are low in fat, high in protein, and made with quality ingredients. Top labrador treats include biscuits, kibble bars, and dental chews. These snacks provide a delightful crunch, aid in dental health, and contribute to a healthy labrador overall.


Soft And Chewy Snacks

Have you tried any soft and chewy snacks for your labrador? Soft and chewy snacks are delicious and provide a range of benefits for our labradors. Whether you have a large or small dog or even a senior companion, these treats are perfect for them. They are especially ideal for puppies and older dogs that may struggle with crunchy treats. Soft treats can be easily broken into smaller pieces for portion control or for smaller dogs. When selecting the best healthy dog treats, it’s important to choose high-quality options that are made with natural ingredients.


Dehydrated Or Freeze-Dried Snacks

Freeze-dried snacks make a wonderful special treat after a long walk for your pup. These healthy treats are not only delicious but also provide a great way to reward and train our furry friend. Whether it’s a dehydrated version of meat, fruit, or vegetables, freeze-dried snacks are the healthiest dog treats with only one ingredient. One of the best things about these snacks is that they leave no mess behind, so no crumbs to clean up! If you’re feeling adventurous, you can even make your own treats using a food dehydrator. When feeding your dog, choosing the top healthy treats that are contextually relevant to your Labrador’s nutritional needs is important. So, if you’re looking for the best dog snacks, don’t forget to check out freeze-dried or dehydrated snacks.

Be Cautious About Certain Dog Treats For Your Lab’s Health

As pet owners, we must be cautious about certain dog treats for our lab’s health. While spoiling our labs with delicious treats is tempting, we must prioritize their well-being. When selecting treats, opt for healthy options that provide both enjoyment and nutrition. Avoid treats high in calories or containing artificial additives, as these can lead to weight gain and potential health issues. Treats should only be given in moderation, and excessive indulgence can negatively impact your lab’s weight and overall health. Keep a close eye on their size and weight to ensure they stay healthy and active. Let’s choose treats that nourish our labs and contribute to their overall well-being, not risk weight gain or adverse health effects.

Healthy Human Foods Treats For Dogs

While human foods should always be provided on special occasions, we’ve compiled a list of the healthiest and safe food for your lab:


Cooked Lean Meat

We can feed our dogs cooked lean meat as a healthy and nutritious treat option. Lean meats, like boiled chicken breast, are tasty and gentle on their stomachs. As responsible pet owners, we want to provide our beloved labradors with the best possible treats that promote their health and well-being. Cooked lean meat is a great choice because it contains omega-6 fatty acids that promote healthy skin and coat. It’s important, though, to avoid processed meats with added salt, as they can be harmful to our dogs’ health. And please make sure you’re not providing your pup with spoiled meat. If you wouldn’t eat it, neither should your pup. Let’s prioritize our dogs’ well-being by incorporating fresh, cooked, lean meat into their treat options.


Peanut Butter

Use unsweetened peanut butter as a healthy treat option for your labrador since it contains protein and vitamins. It can be a good choice for our furry friends as it provides health benefits and has a good nutritional value. Peanut butter can be a perfect treat for our labradors, whether it’s for training purposes or just to reward them for being such good dogs. It’s important to use unsweetened peanut butter without any additives to ensure that our labradors stay in a healthy weight range. When it comes to dog treats, natural options like unsweetened peanut butter are always a good treat to consider.

Peanut butter is a healthy treat for labrador retrievers


The pumpkin is a versatile ingredient that can provide our labradors with essential nutrients and fiber. It’s a great option for a healthy treat during training sessions or as a sweet reward for our furry friends. Unlike some other treats, pumpkin is low in calories and fat, making it a perfect choice for dogs prone to weight gain or health issues. Additionally, pumpkin is rich in folic acid, which supports a healthy immune system and can help prevent heart disease in our beloved labradors. However, it’s important to note that while pumpkin is generally safe for dogs, moderation is key due to its high sugar content. You can mix pumpkin with other healthy ingredients like green peas or even use it to stuff bully sticks for an extra special and nutritious snack.


Apple Slices

Apple slices are a great treat option for your furry friend because they are nutrient-dense foods packed with dietary fiber and vitamins. Slicing the apples small ensures they’re safe and easy for our labradors to enjoy without the risk of choking. Additionally, unseeding the apples is important for their safety. Apples also have a high water content, which can help keep our labradors hydrated. Plus apple slices can be a great addition to their regular food, providing them with a tasty and nutritious snack. For Labradors in their adult senior years, these healthy treats can support their overall health, including healthy joints.

Apple slices are a healthy treat for dogs

Fresh Vegetables

We can include a variety of fresh vegetables in our labrador’s diet, such as carrots and green beans. These vegetables are delicious and packed with essential nutrients that can contribute to our furry friend’s overall health. Carrots, for instance, are rich in vitamin C, which can boost our labrador’s immune system. On the other hand, green beans make for a nutritious treat as they are a good source of fiber. The best part is that these vegetables are low in calories and low in fat, making them a guilt-free option for our labrador’s snack time. Remember to cut them into small portions to prevent choking, and always monitor the amount given.

Healthy Puppy Training Treats

When it comes to training our puppies, we want treats that are not only delicious but also healthy. Here are a few we recommend:

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Dog Treats

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Dog Treats

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Dog Treats are great during training sessions because of their healthy ingredients and irresistible taste. These treats are perfect for our furry family members and provide numerous benefits for their health. The main ingredient in these treats is lean meat, which satisfies their taste buds and provides a good source of protein. The smaller pieces make it easier to use during training and can be given in large quantities without worrying about overfeeding. These treats are packed with essential amino acids and Vitamin B, which are vital for our dogs’ health and development. We can feel confident knowing that we are giving our pups a healthier alternative that they will enjoy for a long time.

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

These Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats are great for incorporating positive reinforcement into your puppy’s training routine. As we strive to provide the best care for our furry friends, choosing healthy treats that cater to their specific needs is essential. Labradors, known for their energetic nature, require nutritious snacks to support their overall well-being. The Blue Buffalo Blue Bits are delicious and packed with essential nutrients like omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, promoting a shiny coat. Additionally, these soft-moist training treats contain DHA, aiding in cognitive development for our growing puppies.

Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Dog Treats

Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Dog Treats

Consider purchasing the Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Dog Treats, as they are a healthy and delicious option for training your puppy. These treats are a good option for labrador owners who want to provide their furry friends with a special treat while also taking care of their health. The Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Dog Treats are made with high-quality ingredients; the first ingredient is real beef. This makes them a great choice for adult dogs as well. Not only are these treats tasty, but they also promote dental health. The air-dried beef treats have a chewy texture that helps clean dogs’ teeth as they enjoy their snack. Adding these treats to your lab’s diet is one of the best ways to supplement their regular dry dog food and give them a well-rounded diet.

Healthy Treats For Adult Labrador Dogs

When it comes to healthy treats for adult labrador dogs, we have a few recommendations:

SmartBones SmartSticks Chews Dog Treats

SmartBones SmartSticks Chews Dog Treats

Labradors love devouring these SmartBones SmartSticks Chew Dog Treats! These treats are the best option for labradors who enjoy a good chewy snack. Made with real chicken, peanut butter, sweet potatoes, carrots, and other delicious vegetables, SmartBones SmartSticks provides a healthy and tasty snack for our furry friends. Not only do they satisfy our dog’s cravings, but they also promote dental hygiene by helping to remove plaque from their teeth as they chew. With their longer-lasting chew time, these treats are a top choice for labradors.

Milo's Kitchen Chicken Meatballs Dog Treats

Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatballs Dog Treats

Milo’s Kitchen Chicken Meatball Dog Treats are great for adult labradors because they are both healthy and delicious. These freeze-dried dog treats are packed with 20% crude protein, making them an excellent choice for maintaining a healthy life. Made with real chicken as the first ingredient and without artificial colors or flavors, these treats are tasty and nutritious. They’re perfect for continued training rewards or as a special treat for our best friends. Plus, with no wheat flour or rawhide, we can trust that we’re giving our dogs high-quality, wholesome food.

True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Dog Treats

True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Dog Treats

True Chews Premium Jerky Cuts Dog Treats are a healthy and delicious snack for your dog. These treats are a great way for pet parents to reward their furry friends while also considering their dogs’ weight and health. The only ingredients used in these treats are natural and of high quality, so we can feel good about giving them to our beloved pup. The slow-roasted and chewy texture makes them a great idea for dogs who love to gnaw on their treats. Just a fair warning based on some reviews is to be on the lookout for any mold or issues with the treats before giving them to your labrador, as some pet owners have experienced this problem.

American Journey Biscuit Dog Treats

American Journey Biscuit Dog Treats

Try the American Journey Biscuit Dog Treats for your labrador – they’re a healthy and tasty option for rewarding good behavior. These affordable treats are oven-baked and packed with the goodness of chickpeas. Not only are they delicious, but they’re also free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, making them a great choice for our furry friends. These crunchy biscuits are perfect for carrying in our pockets during walks, ensuring we always have a reward handy. But it is important to note that they can be quite hard to break apart, which may pose a challenge for senior dogs or those with sensitive teeth. So make sure your pup can tackle harder and crunchier treats.

Tylee's Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Tylee’s Chicken Jerky Dog Treats

Although Tylee’s Chicken Jerky Dog Treats are pricey, they offer a single-ingredient source of quality nutrition for our adult labrador retrievers. These treats are made from USA-sourced chicken and contain no preservatives or salt, ensuring that we serve our furry companions the best. With a high percent protein content of 76%, these treats provide a nutritious snack option for our labradors. It’s important to remember that moderation is key to avoiding weight gain in our dogs.

Jiminy's Cricket Chewy Dog Treats

Jiminy’s Cricket Chewy Dog Treats

Jiminy’s Cricket Chewy Dog Treats are great for dogs with sensitivities to certain animal proteins, as they feature crickets as a sustainable alternative protein source. Plus, they are low in calories, with each treat providing less than 3 calories. We love that they are formulated with beneficial ingredients like peas and sweet potatoes, packed with vitamins and omegas. Not only are these treats healthy, but they are also soft and perfect for multi-dog households. However, it’s important to note that they do come at a price premium and have a strong smell. Overall, though, we believe that the health benefits make them worth it for our beloved labs.

Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats

Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats

Labradors absolutely love the crunchy texture and delicious flavors of Fruitables Crunchy Dog Treats. These treats are tasty and packed with healthy ingredients like pumpkin, blueberries, oats, barley, and potatoes sourced right here in the USA. They make for a guilt-free snack with only 8 calories per treat. The attractive flower-shaped design adds a fun element to treat time.

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Dog Treats are known for their healthy ingredients and soft texture. These treats are made with real beef and filet mignon, providing your furry friend with a delicious and nutritious snack. We appreciate that they contain 12 vitamins and minerals, ensuring your labrador gets the essential nutrients they need. While it’s unfortunate that some dogs may not enjoy the smoky odor, it’s still a great option to try. Also, these treats have a high sugar content, which means they may not be suitable for diabetic dogs. Overall, we believe these treats will be a great addition to your labrador’s diet and provide them with a tasty and wholesome snack.

Healthy Dog Treats Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Feed My Labrador Any Type Of Dog Treat?

You should be mindful of the dog treats you give your labradors. While it’s tempting to feed them any type, choosing healthy options that meet their nutritional needs and are easy for them to chew and digest is important.


Are There Any Specific Human Foods That Are Toxic For Labradors?

Yes, there are specific human foods that are toxic for Labradors. It’s important to avoid giving them chocolate, grapes, onions, garlic, certain nuts, and any artificial sweeteners. These can be harmful and cause health issues for labradors, or any dog breed for that matter.


How Often Should I Give My Labrador A Treat?

Treats should always be provided in moderation. It’s important to consider their overall diet and make sure treats don’t make up a large portion of their daily intake.


Are There Any Treats That Can Help With My Labrador’s Dental Health?

Yes, some treats can help your labrador’s dental health. Regularly giving them dental chews or chewy treats designed to promote oral hygiene can reduce tartar buildup and freshen their breath.


Can I Give My Labrador Treats While Training Them?

Yes, you can give your Labrador treats while training them. It’s important to choose healthy options that are low in calories and easy to break into small pieces for quick rewards. Remember, you’ll be giving them many treats during training, so the more low calorie the treat, the better.

The Tail End

It’s important to choose the best dog treats for labradors that are both healthy and tasty. Look for treats that are made with high-quality ingredients and free from artificial additives. Be cautious of certain treats that may be harmful to your lab’s health. Additionally, consider using healthy human foods as treats and choose appropriate treats for puppy training and adult labradors. Keeping your labrador’s treats nutritious will contribute to their overall well-being.

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